There are no restrictions for the people who want to join this game show. The people of any country, any religion, and any nationality can participate. But there are some requirements for the people to enter in this show. Your Age must be between 18 and 80. If you are under 18 then the pass would be given to your parents and you can come with them. Parents can bring their 2 children. More would not be allowed to enter. You can get multiple passes if your whole family wants to join the show. Apki Age 18 sy 80 tak honi chey Agar ap 18 sy km age waly hain to apny ami abu ke sath hain Har maa baap apny 2 bachy show mn enter kar sakta Ap aik sy ziada passes ley ke poori family enter karwa saktay hain If you got any call regarding the Lottery/Prize please kindly contact to our Bol Show Oficcer, Whatsapp Number: 03460755393. Thanks